It is said that John Degenfelder (born about 1836 in Wiedeberg, Wurttemberg, Germany) emmigrated with his sister Christina in 1856, from Wurttemberg to America on the Barque Wursata; departing Bremen, Germany 19 August 1856 and arriving port of New York, NY 30 September 1856. We do not know of the mother and father of John and Christina except that they were from Wurttemberg and they had at least three children:

  • Anthony J. Degenfelder: born 1833 in Wurttemberg, Germany
  • John Degenfelder: born abt 1836 in Wiedeberg, Wurttemberg, Germany
  • Christina Degenfelder: born 4 Dec. 1839 Zobingen, Wurtemberg, Germany

Wurttemberg (in red) shown as part of Germany

Württemberg, is an area and a former state in southwestern Germany. Its traditional capital was Stuttgart. Württemberg, once a Duchy within the Holy Roman Empire, in 1806 became a Kingdom with the break-up of the empire. This was during the reign of Frederick I of Württemberg. As a constitutional monarchy, the Kingdom of Württemberg functioned as a member of the German Empire. The constitution rested on a law of 1819, amended in 1868, in 1874, and again in 1906. The hereditary crown conveyed the simple title of "King of Württemberg  In 1918 it became a republic called the Free People's state of Württemberg. After World War II, Württemberg was divided between the US and French occupation zones. After the Federral Republic of Germany was formed in 1949, it merged with Baden in 1952 to become the modern German State of Baden-Württemberg. (source: Wikipedia)


The Kingdom of Wurttemberg, ca 1806

The village of Degenfeld is situated approx. 40 miles east of Stuttgart

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